Should You Quit Poker When Tired?

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You might be advised by people either through their writings about poker in magazines or through online poker info discussions about online casino that you should quit the game when you feel worn-out. I feel very disgusted as though these authors seem to mean good just like my colleagues who also express similar ideas about poker psychology in their writings I don’t agree to them. I would however counsel you not to go by such articles. Though I’m a pragmatist, I would also like my readers to earn the most. In my opinion it is at times good to try your hand in the game when you are totally exhausted. Hence forget about being lazy and check out what I have further on…

Most of the poker players play for many hours together converting them into days. Do you think these profit making professionals take wrong decisions because of playing for so long? Do you feel that by planned playing and taking adequate rest and appropriate breaks for meals they could earn more? In fact, I think that their strategy of playing at a stretch makes them richer though in the end they are dead tired but satisfied.

Don't quit the game too early

I’m sure a lot of immature players that haven't even tried free online poker would submissively follow the advice of planned playing which worries me. Such players will try to quit the game if the session is long enough to fed and tire them up. Don’t be in a hurry to say quits if the various symptoms of fatigue show up. We will feel our attention going haywire, brain slowing down, our muscles not working, being unable to target our attention on the goal and feel like shutting our eyes etc. Start the next game and don’t calibrate just your own self. Calibrate against the opposition and think more deeply.

Check yourself

A professional player would self check his situation, by seeing how he is positioned against the other people. Though he is working at about 70% capacity, very tired, famished and fed-up, he would see how his seat position is. He would compare with others saying that there are some players who are in a tight position, some foolish guys in the position which he thinks is right for them, someone who is stupid enough to loose all and is still pulling out more bucks and a starter who keeps flopping. Hence the professional analyses that even when his faculty is at 70% or even 40% he cannot leave this attractive situation.  He will only quit once his body completely gives way or he has taken the last penny out of the others.

Compare yourself to others

The most important strategy in this game is to continually follow the process of first judging yourself and then weighing against the others. You should check the following things – How many bad players can you make use of? What is your position in relation to the chips you have? Can you leave others behind and perform better? What is your seating position at the table? Do a sincere check of your and other’s capability if you want to earn profit. However, if you feel that the things are actually not in your favor in comparison to the other players or position and you are too exhausted say quits and wait for a better chance on some other day. Always you have to be honest and then you are certain to make good profits. In case you have a feeling that somehow this is not working for you, you can change your table as this works for most of the times

As far as feeling tired is concerned, money can give you a real kick much better than what you get from coffee. Hence, this is no reason to quit. Disregard all suggestions from people who advise you to play only when you are fresh. I you want to be a winner like a professional view things like a one. And don’t wait. Go ahead.