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One of the most complexed card counting strategies is a group counting. It is so complex because it involves not a single counter but a group of players. This group works as a team which includes different positions, different playing strategies, and a complex way of playing. Each player of the team has its own duties, which he\ she must carry out precisely, for the sake of all team. Not all members of the team are the counters. Most of them are the part of the team which drives securities’ attention from the main player, and they don’t even have to play. Because of one single mistake this strategy can fail and the team can get caught. The book “Bringing down the house” and the movie “21” are about this strategy. It is a true story of one of such teams, a team of students from MIT, which brought down a number of casinos by using this strategy. By the way, you can also read poker books that should help you to understand the strategy.

The main advantage of the group counting is that the team can observe not only one blackjack table. The team can observe several blackjack tables at the same time and keep multiple counting, choosing the most appropriate time and place for the main player to enter to - so called “hot” table.

As well as all other card counting strategies this one is risky, because a group of people observing several blackjack tables can drive undesirable securities’ attention. All member of the team should know their duties and roles and perform them with absolute precision. It can be compared with a situation when players visit online poker rooms – each has to be very attentive.

Role play

Most of group counting strategies include 4 main roles for the team members, such as the back-spotter, the spotter, the gorilla and the BIG PLAYER.

The back-spotter is an observer. It is a member of the team that doesn’t necessarily have to sit at the table. Back-spotter can just observe the tables and look for the most appropriate table for the gorilla to move in.

The spotter is an observer and the active player at the same time. Spotter’s duties are to play at the table and to count his\her table’s cards. While making small bets and not always winning (to stay in shadow and not driving attention), this player waits for his\her table to become hot – ready for the big player to enter it. When it is ready the spotter signals to the manager of the team.

The gorilla is a player that drives all attention to him\her instead of the team. Any way possible, this player drives attention of the public and the security, but not too much for them to remember him\her, while the big player earns money for the team.

The Big player – is the player that makes the money for the team, and the player who decides when the team needs to run off from the casino to not get caught.

Same as wonging group counting is not illegal, but the casinos do not like the counters, and even more they dislike a group of counters. The main rule as always – never get caught!