Nicknames of Hands and Cards

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If you are just a beginner then you must know the basic things about poker before playing it. Try playing free online poker in online casino. It will help you to understand the game in a better way. You can find plenty of books on pokers. There are some sites where you can find relevant information about poker strategies and rules. When you need any information, regarding poker or blackjack you can visit the websites to gather information. You can see some popular sites like lucky blackjack and here you can see plenty of strategies to learn. It will help you a lot to play poker and win the game. You can also visit online blackjack and lucky blackjack websites to learn the blackjack rules and play. In these sites you can see a clear idea about poker rules, the value of the cards and the ranking of the hands.

On this page we are going to discuss about some of the known poker cards and poker hands. These are some of the fundamental and most common poker hands and card names. If you have just started playing poker then you may sometimes feel the hands and cards little confused. Hopefully this article will be able to help you to clear your confusion. You can study the usual nicknames that are widespread yet not so common. Some cards have nicknames that say about their history or even about some companies. The professional players often use the nicknames though the names are not official.

Different Cards

The Ace is commonly known as bullet where the king is popular ad cowboy. Some call the queen as lady and some call it cowgirl. You can find names like hook and jackal is popular for Jack. 2 and 3 is known as duck and trey respectively. Just like that the people usually call 4 as sailboat and 5 is known as nickel. Boot, hockey stick, ocho, niner and dime are the respective names for 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Pair hands Names

AA is known as rockets in poker. KK is called as kangaroos. Just like that hookers is usually use for QQ. If you get TT, 99 or 88 then tensions, German virgins and two fat ladies will be the name for these pairs. If you find someone saying Saturn, cherries, presto or magnum then you can understand he is talking about 77, 66, 55 or 44 pair. These are the names that the beginners fail to understand. Crabs and hooters are the name for 33 and 22. if you understand these name you will feel better while playing poker. You will understand how the professional players talk about the game.

Unpaired Hands Names

There are unpaired hands like AJ, AK, AT and A8. Blackjack, Santa Barbara, big slut bookend and dead man’s chest are the popular poker room names for these unpaired hands. One must understand these names in order to learn t he game poker properly. That is why you must understand that high five is the name for A5, acey-deucy is for A2 and KQ is for mix marriage. Kate and Katie are the nick names for K8 and KT. On the other hand Q3 and Q5 are known as gay waiter and granny Mae. No one really knows the reasons behind these names. Hooks, Tetris, bowling hand, good buddy are some of the popular nick names of J4, T8, T7 and T4. If someone says happy meal or twiggy you must understand that he wants to say 96 or 92. Just like that 72 and 54 is also known as hammer and Jesse James. There are many other names too. You just need to open your eyes and study a bit of poker info to understand them.