Casino MGM Grand: The Great And Terrible

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Casino MGM is a gambling area of hotel casino MGM Grand placed in Paradise, Nevada on the Vegas Strip stretch. The MGM Grand is stated to be the second largest hotel on the planet. And it was the largest one when it just opened in 1993.

Casino MGM is the biggest one in the whole Las Vegas and occupies 15.930 m2.

The theme of the casino is Hollywood actually. There is one popular saying which sounds just like that: this place is as huge as Bruce Willis' ego, and much, much larger than his talent…

Casino MSM Grand Gambling Area

Casino MGM is the most remarkable and largest among the top casinos of Las Vegas. They have everything here: special high-roller areas and hundreds of tables for craps, roulette, blackjack, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, Freeroll tournaments and on and on.

The whole list of table games is just the following:

• Perfect blackjack

• Stunning craps

• Amusing baccarat

• Tempting roulette

• Enigmatic Pai Gow

• Loose Let It Ride

• Old-school Three Card Poker

• Crazy “4” Poker and famous Texas Hold’Em

• Simple and great Casino War

Casino MGM Grand offers thousands of slots, multi-game machines and video poker. Also, it can provise its visitors with the latest poker bonuses. Try Majestic Lions - $1 progressives: popular and highly regarded by gamblers all over the world. Casino progressives, say, Reel Winners slots starts at $500.000 and available in minimal denominations. Quick Silver pays over $100.000 for $1 and $5 denominations.

High Limit slots are open to choose and play at the special areas feature private bathrooms and private lounge.

MGM Grand casino comps are featured by M life Player Club. Big players who gamble high can expect to casino promotions and extras only. Be ready to bet $100 for a single shot – only thus your play will be rated by pit bosses. In fact, the M life Player Club is doing well in its attempts to attract your attention, keep you playing + make you happy and loyal.

Casino MGM Grand Entertainment

Here some of Las Vegas attractions to keep in mind if you want to enjoy Casino MGM visiting and get your jollies thus.

• Centrifuge Bar has a huge bar and free entrance;

• Crazy Horse Paris adds some spicy notes to your Las Vegas visit and is a perfect choice for a little bit naked lady lovers. Classy music and dances will turn you on;

• Hollywood Theater is a right place to see Teller and Penn, Carrot Top and Tom Jones;

• Lion Habitat puts you much closer to real tigers and lions you can even imagine;

• Studio 54 is a high-class night club for Big Players and VIP visitors. Wanna fell important? Visit Studio 54 supreme club.

Plus you may pay much attention to these titles: CSI: The Experience, MGM Grand Garden Arena and Tabu.