Summary of Different Types of Poker Games

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Poker is a game which has many variants. You can find a lot of poker info about its various variants on the net searching for free online poker. Let’s summarize the rules for some of its variants

Variation 1:

The first variation that is played in online casino is called 7-Card Stud Poker. It is played in five rounds and a maximum of eight players can play this at a time. An initial bet is made which is called the Ante bet. Each player has to get 7 cards in the game. The game starts with each player getting three cards first. Two of the cards each player gets are face down and are called ‘hole’ cards. They are also called ‘pocket’ cards. One out of the 3 cards they receive one is visible to all players and is called ‘door’ card. After this they are distributed four more cards with betting at each distribution round. In this step also first three cards are face up and the fourth one is face down. Now the twist in the game comes from the fact that the players are allowed to use only five out of the seven cards they have. When all the cards are finally exposed the player with the uppermost hand wins all the money,

Variation 2:

This variation is the most widely played of all the Poker games. It is called Holdem Poker. This game is played in four rounds and the entire deck of 52 cards is used for the game. A maximum of ten players can play this game. The game starts with all the players making a blind bet. The person sitting adjacent to the dealer button has to make the first blind bet. However, his bet will be the small bet which is half of the minimum amount set by the rules of Poker gambling. The player sitting next to him will have to place the big bet which is equal to the minimum amount. The first round of betting follows the distribution of two cards which are not shown to the players. After this five cards, open to all, are thrown one by one followed by betting round after each distribution. These cards come in a specific order and are called community cards. The first thee cards that appear are called flops .These are followed by the last two cards called turn and river. While playing the rounds the players can decide to choose any of the options of poker game i.e. checking, folding etc. The players have the option of choosing any of the community cards and two of the pocket cards to make a hand of five. Like in any other poker game, on showdown, the person with the best hand takes home the pot.

Variation 3:

The variation we will discuss is called Omaha and is very similar to Holdem Poker and is equally popular. The rules of this game are slightly different from Holdem in the following aspects:

Here after the blind betting the each player is given 4 facedown cards. This is followed by distribution of five cards exposed to all with each distribution round followed by betting. Another difference is in the showdown rule. In Omaha the player has to use two of their hole cards and any of the three community cards.

Variation 4:

The final variation we are going to discuss here is called the 3-card Poker. In this the games are played between the banker and the player. As the name suggests the game is of 3 cards. The game can be divided into two types – PairPlus and Ante and Play. In Pairplus the player tries to get a pair or anything above it, while in Ante and Play he tries to get a hand stronger than the dealer’s hand. The player also has an option of choosing both the games. After the dealer deals the three cards at the start of the game, the player needs to decide whether he wants to carry on or carry on or withdraw.